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Jennifer Schröerlücke

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Hi, there! My name is Jenny, I’m 26 years old and born in Ibbebüren, Germany. Currently I am working at a advertising agency based in Osnabrück. What I love and what I do is developing interactive applications. Therefore I use Unity3D Game Engine, Vuforia, Oculus Rift, Leap motion, Razer Hydra, iOS and Android Devices.

3 fun facts about me First: I play soccer sinds I’m little. I love it, because it’s a great team sport which makes it so much fun to do. Also it keeps your whole body fit which is important when you have to sit on a chair 8 hours a day! Second: I am a little bit addicted to tattoo’s. Having art on my body expresses my creativity. Last fun fact: I love technology. Everything that is new on the market, I have to buy it. Like these new smartwatches for example. Maybe I don’t need it but still, it’s the future, it’s amazing technology and I just love to try things out and get to know all new kinds of technology. Friends always say I’m a computer geek!

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